Tactical Handcuffing




USA Training Academy recognizes officer safety as a primary goal of law enforcement and security. Handcuffing is a common occurrance for many officers while performing their duties. Although the Department of Commerce and Insurance does not require certification in handcuffing, many officer's have never been trained in how to properly apply handcuffs and double lock them. Improper techniques can lead to unnecessary injury where the handcuffs are applied too tightly or where the handcuffs are used as an impact weapon. Improper application of the handcuffs could also result in a prisoner escaping custody.


Officers are taught how to "speed cuff" someone in the standing, kneeling and prone positions. Takedown techniques are covered for instances where the subject resists the officer's efforts to apply the handcuffs. Techniques in how to move a handcuffed person from the ground to the standing position without injury to either the officer and prisoner are demonstrated.

Training cuffs are provided for the class.

Tactical Handcuffing
50.00 USD

Tactical Handcuffing

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