Armed Security- Tennessee & Arkansas

Tuition $150.00


USA Training Academy will insure that all materials are provided: All paperwork including the State of Tennessee application. Notary services, and photo's with completed address label and mailing envelope.

Shooting targets provided. Because USA Training Academy cares, eye & ear protection provided for all students.

 What do I need to bring?

A quality handgun 9mm or larger caliber recommended with 50 rounds of factory ammunition (reloads are fine). Firearms can be rented.

 These courses are required by the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance to obtain an Unarmed or Armed Security Guard License. They cover the TN Private Protective Services Law and Rules book and follow the guidelines set forth by the state.

This course is for those that want an armed guard license. It is conducted over two days. Topics include orientation, legal powers and limitations of a security guard, emergency procedures, general duties, firearm handling, safety and maintenance, marksmanship training, legal limitations on the use of a firearm, patrolling, and more. There is a written test and firearm qualification on the range. Paperwork, workbooks, firearm use, and ammunition are included in the tuition. This class includes unarmed guard training (4 hours).

Armed Security
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Tennessee Armed Security Class

Armed Security
Combo Class

Combo Class- Security & Gun Permit 

Tuition $175.00

This course covers the Armed Security class requirements listed above as well as meeting the State of Tennessee Permit to Carry class.

All training meets or exceeds the Department of Commerce and Insurance and the Department of Safety training requirements.

Change of Handgun

Tuition $50.00


This class is required if you are current armed guard and want to change or add a different make, model, and/or caliber of the handgun you carry on duty. This class meets state requirements for marksmanship training so you can carry a different or additional type of handgun as an armed security guard.

Shotgun Qualification

Tuition: $50.00

Handgun Change

Armed Security 2 year


Tuition $50.00

USA Training Academy will provide all material needed. Targets, State of Tennessee recertification form and color photo's.

This course is for current armed guards who are nearing their license expiration date and need to re-certify. Training consists of a refresher on the topics covered in armed guard training. There is a written test and firearm qualification on the range. Students will need to bring a quality firearm that they will carry on duty and 50 rounds of factory ammunition (reloads are fine).

Shotgun Qualification

Tuition $50.00

Class will cover the nomeclature of the shotgun and operation. Class will also cover a familiarzation shooting course of fire. Shotgun and ammunition provided. Eye & ear protection provided. 

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